RAC-GS 全真問題集、RAC-GS テストサンプル問題


NO.1 As part of the regulatory strategy for companies intending to manufacture a psychotropic
product, which
of the following approvals should be received FIRST?
A. Site license
B. Export license
C. Product license
D. Import license
Answer: A

RAC-GS 評判   

NO.2 During a routine review of promotional materials for a product, a regulatory affairs professional
an off-label indication. Which of the following would be the FIRST follow-up action for the regulatory
affairs professional to take?
A. Allow doctors to use the product for the off-label indication.
B. Contact the marketing department to recall the product.
C. Request that doctors stop using the product for the off-label indication.
D. Communicate with the sales department to stop using the promotional materials.
Answer: D

RAC-GS 勉強   

NO.3 Which of the following double-blind clinical trial designs would be MOST appropriate for a
Phase III study
with a new product intended to treat an acute life-threatening disease with less than optimal
A. Dose-ranging
B. Active-controlled
C. Cross-over
D. Placebo-controlled
Answer: C

RAC-GS 口コミ   

NO.4 A company is developing a new line of products in an area that is new to the company. What is
the BEST
A. Ask the trade association representative to provide an overview of the new product area to the
marketing team.
B. Summarize regulatory documents and history and provide the information to the management
C. Obtain regulatory documents and history and provide the information to R&D.
D. Obtain competitor research and provide the information to the management team.
Answer: B

RAC-GS 解答例   

このほど、卒業生であれば、社会人であれば、ずっと「就職難」問題が存在し、毎年、「就職氷河期」といった言葉が聞こえてくる。ブームになるIT技術業界でも、多くの人はこういう悩みがあるんですから、RAPSRAC-GS 全真問題集の能力を把握できるのは欠かさせないない技能であると考えられます。もし我々社のPass4TestのRAC-GS 全真問題集を手に入れて、速くこの能力をゲットできます。それで、「就職難」の場合には、他の人々と比べて、あなたはずっと優位に立つことができます。

試験科目:「Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) Global Scope」
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