HPE2-T30 ダウンロード & HPE0-S46 学習範囲


NO.1 A customer needs to manage contract, warranty, and HPE Care Pack Information for its server
and storage infrastructure from a single location. The customer also needs proactive expiration
notifications for these contracts.
Which HPE tool should the architect recommend?
A. HPE System Management Homepage
B. HPE Insight Online
C. HPE Smart Update Manager
D. HPE Insight Display
Answer: B

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NO.2 HPE Power Advisor is being used to assist in architecting an HPE BladeSystem solution that
contains HPE Flexfabric interconnect modules.
Which information about the solution can the HPE Power Advisor provide? (Select two.)
A. mismatch between interconnect modules and network adapter
B. estimated power consumption on HPE storage products
C. plan power usage at a system, rack and multi-rack level
D. SFP+ module power requirements
E. UPS sizing based on defined run times
Answer: B,C

HPE0-S46 保証   

NO.3 Which HPE technology helps to address concerns about server interconnectivity and cable
management, and the network effect of increased East-West server traffic when using
VMware vMotion for virtual machine migration?
A. HPE BladeSystem connected to externaliSCSi storage
B. HPE ProLiant DL servers with a traditional three-tier infrastructure
C. HPE ProLiant DL servers with HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Storage
D. HPE BladeSystem with HPE Virtual Connect
Answer: D

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NO.4 Which fabric benefit does Synergy have over BladeSystems?
A. supports Fiber Channel over Ethernet
B. eliminates the need for Link Modules
C. provides redundant Top of Rack switches within one rack
D. eliminates the needfor a Top of Rack Switch
Answer: D

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